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"Res from perma grey status right away " submitted on 8/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Joe for submitting this bug.
If you have LBR or a healer near a moongate in the tram you can get blue right after death in those lands ruleset. So what i do is when i want pera greys tatus off i go to spirituality in ilshenar and have pixie or unicorn kill em and my corpse will be grey but i will be blue ghost then you just res at the shrines right at ilshenars moongates and get right back to fel and steal some morw without waiting the 2 minutes. Good if you just stole you can go to ilsh kill yourself right away and be back making people think your still perma or at least the guy you stole form, sometimes they falll for it and will atack you and get guard whacked. But for sure you can res in ilshenar shrines right after you die after being perma its very useful.

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