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"Get the nice waterfront property! " submitted on 2/ 10 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to bullet182 for submitting this bug.
OK, I've been holding onto this one, but with decay gone, and appearing to not be coming back the way it was, I'll let it go. It's a hybrid version of another IDOC technique that works alot better than it's predecessor.

First off, the home HAS to be water front property! (Or have a water trough or other water tile you can refill from indefinitely.)

Now, Fire up UOA and UO Loop.

Goto the IDOC Home (keep track of your idoc's folks, find em when they are greatly and this will work alot better). You should really have an idea as to when the house is going to fall, otherwise you are going to waste time and risk losing the house.

Place a 'barrel' in the house, and fill it once with a jug of water, making it a 'water barrel'.

Now, make a uoa macro to refill the pitcher from the water (ocean, trough, whatever you can fill from over and over) then fill the barrel again. Should look something like this:

Use Item (empty pitcher)
Target (water tile)
Use Item (full pitcher)
Target (water barrel)

add pauses where necessary to prevent 'you must wait to perfrom another action'

Now, turn on UO Loop. and presto, the barrel will start to be filled over and over making anyone else who may want to place the house unable to until you stop and empty it (use another macro for emptying the barrel) Even if they set up a macro to empty the thing, emptying takes longer than filling so they'll never catch up to your filling.

REMEMBER YOU WILL HAVE TO SPEND MORE TIME EMPTYING BY HAVING TO DRINK ALL THE WATER FROM YOUR PITCHERS. So don't sit there filling the thing for 4 hours before it falls or you'll be spending 6 or so emptying the thing. So rate your time according to house size. People will usually give up trying to empty it after a half hour or an hour on smaller houses. Longer for Cabin+ size houses. It's best to do this in Tram as you can hide and be undetectable (except the filling noises) Plus, you'll probably be unattended for lengths of time (watching your character fill a water barrel gets old in about 3.234 seconds)

Even if you don't want the house, this technique is great for sheer aggravation. hehe ENJOY!

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