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"dismount ohters while summoning your eth " submitted on 1/ 9 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to jimminy cricket for submitting this bug.
ok. say u are an "assassin" right. You are hidden and you have selcted your mark.
everyone knows the worst part of PVP is the running, its too damned hard to catch ppl right?

stay hidden, start summoning your ethereal mount (does NOT reveal you) use a bola, wait till just before you actually mount the eth, then target your victim and select whichever power you want to start off with.

end result? they are dismounted, you auto attack with your move of choice, they can't mount for 5 seconds, and you are mounted.

you would have to be a total idiot not to be able to kill them from there.

try opening with armour ignore (for plate wearers), mortal strike (for ppl already low in health), or bleed (against mages coupled with infectious strike and lvl 5 poison)

this essentially expiots a bug whereby u have to summon an ethereal mount, yet you can use a bola while doing so, thus dismounting yor opponent form the shaddows a fraction of a second before you yourself are mounted, thus giving you a signifigant advantage in pvp (esp against other ethereal riders as they must wait out the mount timer, then "summon" their mount wiating a further 4 seconds.)
and lets face it, a target who is slower than you might just as well give up since they have no hope of survival.

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