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"updated boat breakin " submitted on 6/ 3 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to nthwave for submitting this bug.
I am NOT looking for a password to the private section. I just feel that no one else should claim this bug since I posted it to another private board awhile back. I will be very dissapointed in this site if this happens. Anyways, the boat breakin still works, but now instead of being all over the open sea, its in a limited space, and you dont goto Fel you goto Malas. I posted a pic to help you understand how this works. http:www.unreality.comnewuser
1. Get UOAutoMap
2. Get two boats.
3. Sail the first boat in Trammel to where you can sail around the world.
4. Use the second boat to look for a viable target in the area indicated on the map from the website above.
5. Once a target is found, park your boat next to the target.
6. Zoom 8x in UOAM and drop marker.
7. Recall to Malas and locate marker on UOAM
8. Take 5 steps (towards boat in Tram) from marker in Malas.
9. Recall from Malas to first boat and start going slow forward.
10. Disconnect your ethernet cable to cause UO to disconnect you from the game.
11. Reconnect ethernet cable and log back into UO.
12. Check out the hold of the boat that you just broke into for anything good, or just sail it to BFE.
If you miss the target boat because you did not take enough steps, you will find yourself in a black screen (not blackholed), just recall to somewhere and try again.

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