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"Shortcut for Cloak of Humility Quest " submitted on 1/ 17 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to Tufir Hawat for submitting this bug.
This shortcut is very usefull if you want to do the Cloak of Humility Quest on more then one character (you can only do the quest once with each character).

The actual Cloak of Humility quest is pretty easy and mostly involves a lot of recalling around. The most difficult part, specially for new characters, is doing the (seperate) quest that allows you to donate to the library collection. You need that quest to obtain an item from the library which in turn you need to advance in the Cloak of Humilty quest.

You don't HAVE to do the library quest for each character though. Complete the library quest on one character. Then start the Cloak of Humility quest and follow it through the first few stages. Untill you get to the part where you have to obtain a "Special Printing of 'Virtue' By Lord British".
Donate some gold or whatever at the library to get the book. Then CANCEL the entire quest-chain.
You can use the book to complete the Cloak of Humility quest on another character. The character which originally recieved the book will be able to re-start the quest after 24 hours.

This way you will be able to use even completely new characters with no skills to complete the quest and get as many Cloaks of Humility as you need :)

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