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"Choose BOD's reward " submitted on 2/ 5 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Duckshound for submitting this bug.
Look up what possible rewards your BOD may offer. Keep in mind this list of weights:

Pickaxe: 11 stones
Smith's Hammer: 8 stones
Shovel: 5 stones
Ring Gloves: 2 stones
Studded Gloves: 1 stone
Anvil Deed: 1 stone
Leather Gloves: 1 stone

Add weight to your backpack so that you are at maximum weight minus the weight of the item you want. Then turn in your BOD. You'll limit your reward possibilities to whatever weight limit you set, or lighter. (ie: Set it to 2 stones (ie: 425 - 2 = 423 stones), then you will not receive a Pickaxe, Shovel, or Smith's Hammer. (may require many 'drops' onto the NPC)

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