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"break into macroer's boats " submitted on 7/ 22 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Pirate for submitting this bug.
Boat break-ins.

This takes two accounts, you and a friend or you with 2 accounts.

I recommend that both of you are ghosts when you do this. It conceals your identity better, and you can navigate a boat when you're a ghost!

Someone is macroing and you see their boat has thousands of ore on it. Recall-method boat break-in methods have been busted (they don't work for me anymore). You still want that ore though! Here is how you do it.

Watch the pathing that the macroer takes as they make their rounds. Usually you will see they stop at exact spots then move on. After the macroer passes, pull your boat forward, into the exact spot they just macroed at.

Next, have your friend log out. Wait until their ghost disappears. Make sure they log out in a spot that exactly matches the victims boat when he passes through.

After 5 minutes, the ghost of your friend disappears. Now, back your boat up again, so you can still see the macroer pass by, but you are not blocking their path.

The macroer passes by again. When they stop at your friend's logout spot, have your friend log in. Voila! They are in the macroer's boat.

Now, the macroer is there, and they are oblivious to the fact that a ghost is in their boat. This is the boring part . wait for them to log out. As soon as they do, navigate the boat away, ghost stands on planq, rez the ghost, then your friend drags ore off that boat onto your boat.

Make certain you do not go into war mode by talking! Wait to navigate the boat until they are not there.

This works great in T2A where you can't recall in Felucca . I came up with this to get a bastad back who killed my miner. (hehe)

I don't even know if you would get banned for something like this. Is it illegal to log out and log back in again? Have fun with it. :)

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