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"NPC Transfer Bug " submitted on 6/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to OoOoOoO for submitting this bug.
1)Find a NPC (warrior,thief,etc.)
2)Left click once on it to open the menu
3)Left click on the ''hire'', it will now say ''i am available for 8k per day'', dont give the money
4)Now click on it again to open the menu, there will now be all the commands (guard,attack,transfer,stay etc.), click on the ''transfer'' and select a person to transfer it. The trade screen will pop up
5)Accept the trading.

Now the person you transferred it thinks you really did transfer it, but the NPC will say ''i will do nothing until i am paid''.
U can probably get some money doing this, for example selling some warriors to factioners who need em to defend the sigils or something.

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