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"Solo any monster with a dexer " submitted on 12/ 4 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to LanX for submitting this bug.
Ok, simple steps to follow:

1. Must be a dexer, no area of effect weapons and don't use spells.swinging only.
2. Join a faction.
3. Farm yourself at least 40 LifeForce so you can use Monster Ignore.
4. Take Gauntlet for example, hit Monster Ignore on, summon 2 erth elementals or get a pet if a tamer.
5. Stick Erth Eles andor pets on DarkFather, and shortly after DF tabs on your pets you tab on him.
6. Now you can swing at it, but when DF kills your pets, you will still be swinging at him but he won't tab on you because of Monster Ignore, so now you can just swing him to death without DF ever hitting you back.

P.S. Takes some practice to get the timing right so DF wont swing back at you.

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