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"steal ore off of boat deck " submitted on 12/ 25 / 2001 IP:

Thanks to robert for submitting this bug.
what you need is a small ore pile, the one with the four ore stones is the one i use.
next sail around and look for 2 boats set parrallel to each other a few tiles from mountain side. one is used to mine from the other is used to stop the boat away from the mountain. now that you found one. now check it often to find when the owner is macro mining. when he is mining
it will most likely be unattended. wait for him to move his boat up to the mountain, and then move your boat in to block his at the mountain. his ore should now be visible to you on his deck.
next take your small ore and place it on the gangplank of your boat. then combine the two piles of ore. and presto, all the ore that was on his deck is now on your deck. ;) i have gotten about 100k iron from this method already.
good luck

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