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"Lotto Lootage " submitted on 9/15 6:26 AM IP:

Thanks to DFectuoso for submitting this bug.
Well as many know the "lotto" vendors are getting a bit more popular, at least on my shard, so i have made a guide to take those vendors and get some quite good loot...

First get Id skill at less 30(preferently 50)

ID every box and match the gps worth of the box with the following set of numbers:

Empty box=4-8 gps
GM empty box= 6-10 gps

box with a check*=13-17 gps
GM box and a check*=14-19 gps

box with a book inside=18-26 gps
GM box with a book inside=19-30 gps

Now remember any wep, armor, cloth, or any other item on the uo world are over 100 gps

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