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"How to fix undockable boat " submitted on 5/ 23 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Lord Seth for submitting this bug.
Ever logged off one night and didn't dock or lock your boat and some griefer made it so you couldn't dockable. Well I've figured out how to fix that. What you do is turn your boat so it is facing south and look right under the front part of the ship under the hold and you will see the bottom of a water barrel. Well go up with glass pitcher and dbl click it and target the barrel and the pitcher will fill leaving the barrel empty, just pick it up and the boat is dockable again. If for some reason when you turn your boat south you can't see the water barrel then the boat is not really fixable, just next time you go to do that make sure the boat is always facing south so that the no movement will be needed when you try to fix it and therefore not messing up the graphics and the barrel will be there.

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