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"Make rare bank checks for free!!! " submitted on 4/ 16 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to goldfiend for submitting this bug.
Well since the devs fixed the make checks for one gold using the overweight thing I am starting to see a few for sale on vendors again. I stumbled onto this bug the other day by accident. If you have one check in the bank and you buy something off a player vendor it will take that amount out of the check and leave a check in your bank box for the left-over amount. So this works best if you have two accounts or if you have a friend that can price a bunch of items on a vendor for you and then give you your gold back after you buy them all. Just put a check in your bank for 5k. Then buy an item for 4999 if you want a check for 1 gold, 4580 if you want a 420 check, 4334 if you want a 666 check. Now you can make a crapload of crappy checks and sell them as rares!

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