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"Moving large Items " submitted on 9/21 5:20 PM IP:

Thanks to Namor for submitting this bug.
This bug is used to move heavy items no matter the weight.

You will need to make a macro in UOAssist before being able to do this, it will look like the following.

Delay 5000
Use Item
Menu Selection

the use item will be the gate you plan on using to go through with your item(s)
the menu selection will be the menu that pops up when using a gate(when gating to outside guard zone)

you will also need the item you are moving near you and accessible easily(you can do full chests)


1. Open the gate to whereever you are moving your item(s) to
2. reset the item (on the Use Item line) in UOA as the gate
3. Play the macro
4. pick up your item and wait you will be transported there in a few seconds

This is useful for moving, as most people have tons of junk and it can take a lot of time moving with packhorses, or when reg shopping just let the regs pile up in your bank and move em all at once using a bag.

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