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"Unlimited SL Cloth For Free " submitted on 1/ 8 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to Sneakers for submitting this bug.
I have checked this out on both Atlantic and Europa, Join Shadow Lords Faction, when you join you will receive a shadow colored faction robe thats blessed, as do not put the robe on instead put it in a chest thats locked down and secured at house, next step will be to to purchase a shadow lord war horse, after you do that quit the faction,next is easy every time the server resets example: server down it will continue to spawn a robe in your pack every time you log on, it will only give you one robe a day, you will notice when you log on the game you will see for a split second the name of the faction horse in your stable, after that the robe appears in your bag, I was able to cut the cloth up on Atlantic but not Europa, was good tho I made clothes with it blessed it with a clothing bless deed and sold it as Old Sl Cloth.

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