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"Scam someone for their house and get your money back! " submitted on 11/5 3:55 PM IP:

Thanks to Don for submitting this bug.
What you do is find someone selling a tower, to go buy it and everything. BUT load the bag up with fishsteaks, have your friend pick up all but one fishsteak and hide, leaving you with one fisteak in the bag. Cover the fishsteak with a check and go buy the tower. When the time is right (in the trade window) have your friend drop the fishsteaks so they bounce back into the bag. When you transfer they fall to the ground. Pick the bag up secure it or something. You just got yourself a free tower=)

I realized after I submitted the bugs that they might have already been in the public section, and after further review I found out they were!

(notes from Llama, with help of Jokester: This bug works on ANY trade, best and easiest use is to have a pouch within the bag containing the stack so when the extra materials are added to weigh the bag down the pouch does not jump on top of the check like a stack would and so nothing is noticable :))

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