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"Powerscrolls " submitted on 8/ 4 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Knightofdreams for submitting this bug.
ok, most by now know that if you disarm a spellbook while holding stuff on the cursor, itll be like "in your hands" regardless of weight and is handy for moving heavy things about as you can still cast gate while holding all this stuff then jump thru it, then log and relog on the other side and move the heavy stuff into your house whatever

you can also do this in a dungeon with a power scroll. noone can see the power scroll in your pack so it cant be stolen. youre not overweight so just run thru the black gate or outside then recall (or even run) home log and relog and pick up your scroll
if you die tho, its as though you were holding the item on your cursor. and we all know what happens in that instance. its on the ground, beside your corpse.

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