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"Evil orc helm Trick " submitted on 3/ 21 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
Well if you stack Stat gain items onto your character you can the helm to raise and lower any stat you choose by 10, not just the second highest stat.
you do the following:
Say you are a mage,
100 str, 100 int, 25 dex.
normally the evil orc helm will put your INT down by 10 and str up by 10, well if you stack agil items and drink a dex pot until your dex is around 90, then Rel Wis yourself (or use another dex item) it will make your dex higher than your INT, now if you equip the helm it will put your STR up by 10 and your dex down by 10.
Now remove all the stacked items and you will have : 110 str, 100 int, 15 dex. with str pot + stacked Strength items this can give you upto 170 STR.

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