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"Stealing in no Time! " submitted on 3/ 20 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Miss Understood for submitting this bug.
First of all you need a bag, pounchs filled with dye tubs. Now put the pounchs in the bag and put the bag on the floor of your TRAMMEL house.
You dont have to own this house but friended.

Dont lock the bag just put it on the floor and start your Stealing PH. You will see that you gain very very GREAT. Much Faster as you would gain in Felluca. And you will loos very very much Karma. My thief is Desprictable thats under Scoundrel and i loos every time a lot of.. lol =))
Soo very great to make Outcast i would think but dont have tested this.

Thank You Very Much :0)

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