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"Kill ancient wyrms without getting hit! " submitted on 10/31 4:51 AM IP:

Thanks to Degamra for submitting this bug.
Here is what you do, you go to Destard (preferably in Fel since there really aren't lots of spawn hoggers there) and then go to the Ancient Wyrm spawn. It's very important that you either get A) the wyverns killed B) the wyverns AWAY from you, the middle room with the stalagamites, and the ancient wyrm. After it's just you and the ancient wyrm, and no wyverns around, lure the ancient wyrm to the middle portion of his 'floor,' you know. The area with LOTS of stalagamites and rocks you have to run around to get to the 'camp site.' Once he's in this area, invis yourself. Eventually he will fly around and your goal is to get him to fly on the rocks. Once he has flown on the rocks, just attack him, but remember, there's only certain spots where you can target him and vice versa. This sucks because sometimes he doesnt see you and flies off the rocks, making you repeat that step, but it's cool because once he's attacking you, you can step to the side and he cant cast magic on you! Simply unload a barrage of spells at him, step to a tile where he can't target you, and med/heal/cure/whatever =). Now, to get the loot. You have to get the Ancient Wyrm down to basically ALL red health if you can, if not, make sure it's VERY low. When its health is low, invis again and he will fly off hopefully. Make sure he is very clear of the rocky area since Ive killed him before when I *thought* he was off the rocks and he wasnt, so I couldn't get his loot. Anyways, if you did everything right, you should be able to escape his devestating melee attack completely and get easy fame/karma/loot!

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