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"Stealing and Getting rid of it FAST and SECURE with help of Vendors! (Pub 20) " submitted on 10/ 10 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Mysticales for submitting this bug.
I was testing this for fun and low and behold it worked! As you all know you can dress your vendors now. well try this on for size, Say you keep your vendor paperdoll open, Steal the item you wish. (Long as its equiptable) Then RUN to your vendor (Assuming your chased) and DROP the item onto your vendors paperdoll! VOLA, The item is now secure! Cant be taken from ANYONE and guess what, you can do it while ignoring the "You cannot trade stolen items" message! Talk about a fast getaway to a secure spot! (Granted that works only if you have a vendor in your stealing zone.) But good news to all, Try to take the item off again and trade it, the old message will come up saying you cannot trade this, But ahh what fun!

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