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"Sail Around the world with no interruptions - public " submitted on 4/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to The Great One for submitting this bug.
How many of you use the sail around the world method to gain a skill, walk away from your comp and come back only to find you have bumped into another boat that is parked in the middle of the water? I know I have. It makes it impossible to unattend macro because the anti macro code kicks in if you are not consistantly moving and keep bumping into things.

I set up a simple macro under uo assist macros and use uoa forever or uo loop to continuously repeat it.

Let us take hiding for instance (which i GM'd using this method)

Keep your boat facing north and south in the sail around the world area.

1. say slow forward
2.pause 2000
4.say right (dont turn your boat to the right just sail to the right)
5.pause 6000
6.say slow forward
8.say left (again dont turn left just sail to the left with your boat still facing north and south)
9.pause 6000

what you are doing with this is you are sailing forward, doing your skill sailing right doing your skill sailing back left and repeating. you should still end up in the same line you started from but in case you run into a boat, you will go around the boat by saying right, slow forward and left slow forward.

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