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"Brand New Scam Involving Pack horse! " submitted on 12/ 31 / 2001 IP:

Thanks to Nightblain for submitting this bug.
Alright, first get a pack horse.
Then find someone selling basically anything that can be placed in a pack horse.
Tell them You can't do a regular trade due to the new bug (I usually tell them about the bug where you overweight the recipient using the old Bounceback bug)

Tell them of the packhorse trade:
I transfer you the packhorse
You put item in packhorse
You say "name" transfer and target me
Trade window appears, I put checks in
We both accept, I get pack horse, you get checks

Now say "(name) friend" and target the person
Say "oops... wrong macro"
Then say "(name) transfer" and target the person
Trade window comes up and wait for them to click
Close the window as soon as they do (It works best if the note talking about being friended is still on screen, so they don't notice the words not appearing for the transfer)
Now you still own the horse and they're friended. If they ask you to prove you're not owner of the horse, then do the following:
This must be done quickly mind you;
Change name of horse to A
Say "(Old name of horse) follow me"
Horse will stay still and not respond
Quickly change name back to Old name
The name of the horse on screen doesn't refresh automatically, so they never see the name change.
Now have them put the item in the packhorse and get ready to make the transfer.
They do this, and you just walk over and take the item out.
Here's a semi-useful bug I found out:
If they say "(name) transfer" and target someone, the trade window still comes up. This is extremely useful for "proving" they own the packhorse.

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