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"Insta-escape teleport " submitted on 6/ 3 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Turnip for submitting this bug.
It's very very simple.
You'll need UOA to do this.

Create a macro using UOA to simpley target self.
now when you visit a selection of subservers you simply need to cast teleport and hit your UOA target self macro.
You'll be teleported straight to the white gate island that takes you to Brit graveyard.

This works on the Yew gate subserver and teh Covetous (OUTSIDE) subserver, may owrk on others, I haven't tested fully.

Of course this in itself is an immensely usefull little bug for escaping the uber gank squads that come with AOS.
But couple it with this idea.

Insure a teleport ring and set a macro to use.
Now when you need to insta escape simply use your teleport ring macro and target self.

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