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"Secret Area at Ilshenar Chaos Shrine " submitted on 7/ 27 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Kruurk for submitting this bug.
I don't have much time to play UO anymore, so I thought I let people know about one of my special areas.

Go to the Chaos shrine in Ilshenar. To your south there will be stairs down. What does not show though, is an "invisible floor" that is actually over top of the 5 x 5 area that the stairs lead down to.

The trick to getting up there though, is by killing a flying creature (gargoyleharpie) just as its Z-axis changes in its attempt to fly away from you when its low on hp. (Note: at the top of the stairs, if there is a harpy or gargoyle on the other side of the waist high stone wall, that seems to be at the same level as you, and is not coming around to attack you, then its already up in the room.

Kill a creature that is on the upper invisible floor. (Will require magery or archery to do).

Now teleport onto its corpse. You will now find yourself in the invisible area. There are also some areas you can drop items up there (once up) so that you can teleport back up. (I dropped a pile of ore along the west wall).

Now, other than in one tile area, monsters below can not attack up. In many places you can attack down though. Most monsters will walk up the stairs and wait at the top of the stairs. At the top of the stairs the monsters with magical ability can attack you (but only with ranged attacks)

Best way to exploit the area:

Get 2-4 people with Daemon slaying bows, and position them up on the invisible floor. Drag the "Slayer Daemons" that spawn from the northwest, over to this area. Shoot away. You can get a LOT of gold and good magic items from these.

Happy Hunting!

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