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"Lock Down Items in bag!!! " submitted on 1/ 8 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to Bob Dylan- for submitting this bug.
This GlitchExploitBug is very easy and very fun + rewarding.

1. You first need 2 bags bag A and Bag B a house (friended or higher)
2. And item you want locked down In a bag (like 500 arrows can still shoot with them).

Next you take Bag A and lock it on the floor of the house. Put the Item you want locked down into Bag B. Next put Bag B inside of the locked down Bag A. Open up bag A and look at bag B Unlock Bag B then open it up and Lock down the arrows then pull Bag B into your main Bag
There you go "Locked Down" Items into your bag!!!

Good Luck Making Lots of Money!

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