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"Bug Your Weight Limit. " submitted on 11/ 13 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Kyi for submitting this bug.
Ok here's how you bug your weight limit. Ok say you wanna move a lot of leather, well you get your total weight down to say 50. Next add 300 leather. Now have an empty box bag or pouch and add as many empty kegs as your weight will let you now pick up the pouch or box that has the kegs and the set it back down, the kegs now are weightless (kinda) then one at a time take the kegs off and watch your weight drop. Now add say 200more leather or 200 stones of the weighted item you wanna move DON'T STACK THEM it will just reset your weight. Now again into that box or bag add the kegs and again pick bag up, set it down and take out the kegs one at a time. Do this as much as you'd like >

Now here's where it gets tricky, you can walk anywhere you'd like with all that stuff but if you cross a server line or log out an back your weight resets. But for crossing server lines you can either recall once or gate either wont make anything happen to make you drop items and with gating you can do it as much as you'd like because your courser isn't holding an item so you can 2x click the gate and travel. Only if you log out will it be bad, because when you log back in it will start dropping items to the ground starting with blessed items ie: rune books and spellbooks. I've moved 20k in wood this way at one time, just takes a little time to get it and in and ready

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