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"Secret Room Sorcerer Dungeon (Ilshenar) " submitted on 7/ 9 / 2005 IP:

Thanks to Hex for submitting this bug.
Make your way to level 2 of the Sorcerer Dungeon in Ilshenar (Near Valor jungle). Head to the large room that is located South West of this level, it'll contain Evil mages, imps, gargoyles and other such monsters. In a little side room from this room you can clearly see 3 *Magical Crystals* (just recoloured power crystals) Simple double click on one of these 3 and you'll be transported to a secret dungeon room which contains a few lesser undead creatures but also a lich lord. It's a great place to farm minor arty's without being disturbed by anyone. To return either recall out or double click one of the crystals again to send you back !

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