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"Trot around Tram Red " submitted on 9/ 17 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Hello for submitting this bug.
this bug requires a blue to set it up for the red.
Blue Character:
1.Go place a boat in Tram. DO NOT PLACE IT IN TOWN LIMITS!! (boat has to be near a shore)
2.Unlock the Boat and leave the PLANK open
3.Go to Fel and give the boat key to youre RED Character

This part takes a few trips back to tram before you can stay there.
Red Character:
1. Recal off boat key (youre in tram for a seccond before you get bounced to the chaos shrine)
2. Walk off the Plank as the system message "you cannot be here bla bla bla" Instead of being teleported to Tram you will be on Shore.
3. WARNING if you log off and back on you will log in at the chaos shrine in Fel so I advise loging off back in Fel

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