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"Bucs lounging ledge " submitted on 10/31 11:3 AM IP:

Thanks to Rodzilla for submitting this bug.
First of all this is a trick. When you are spareing in bucs den. And u go thorugh the teleporter right by the bank. Say you were going from bucs den to the other side; when u got there u could teleport onto the top of it and dexers could not go up there. If u go back through to bucs side you cant teleport onto the top. I found a way to get up there. And u can fire at people and they cant teleport up there to hit u.

step 1:Get a fiend

step2: you go from bucs to the other side, and your friend places small woden chest right on the spot u come through in bucs. When u jump through it just magically boosts u up there

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