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"Get Items with Price and Seller Description for decoratin in house " submitted on 9/ 18 / 2007 IP:

Thanks to Hardyz for submitting this bug.
This only works with stackable items

1) Get two of the same stackable item
2) Put one of the items of the two on your vendor for whatever price you want and whatever description you want the item to have. (i.e. get two bandages. Put one on your vendor and say 10 bandage. Now the price of the bandage is 10 with the description bandage)
3) put the other of the stackable item on your packhorse.
4) open your vendors pack and drag the stackable item onto the other item attempting to stack it. The items will not stack and your pack horse will now have 2 items on it. One item is regular the other has a price and a description.
5) Take your packhorse to your house and make it stand where you want the item located.
6) Command your packhorse to drop using "[packhorse's name] drop" command.
7) Both items will fall to the ground.
8) Lock down the item with the price and the description.

Now you are done :)

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