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"Make immense money with town taxation! " submitted on 10/19 6:13 AM IP:

Thanks to kaine for submitting this bug.
when a faction takes over a town and they elect to
drop prices to minimum, visit the house vendor in the carpentry shop, they
>should sell houses for about 25k gold or so, buy Sandstone patio deeds, just a
>couple, or as many as you can afford. then hold onto them until a NEW faction
>takes over the town, and taxes the shit out of the town, go back the the very
>same vendor and resell the deeds to make a very very decent profit ...note, this is not the other house deed buy and
>sellback trick, that has been fixed as you are aware, you cannot turn in the
>deeds to the same holding faction, even if they do change prices, it must be a
>different faction to tax the town i curently have 67 million gold in my bank in
checks, and made it in about 2 months by watching the faction
>boards this was on the catskills shard, skara brae, and
>currently is still active and working as of
sept 20th 01

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