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"Sea Trap " submitted on 1/ 8 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Dead Eye for submitting this bug.
I started doing this to kill banksitters in Trammel. You need three boats. Park them together so the middle one is blocked in. Bring a tame dragon to the middle boat. Then release it. I usually take my thief when hes permagrey to Trammel West Britain Bank. Then I let a guild mate kill me to make it appear as if I was killed in a guild war. I make it a point to die right near well dressed bank sitters. The boat key is on my corpse, which is grey. The bank sitter loots the key. The banksitter recalls to the boat. The wild dragon kills the banksitter. Your other character sits on one of the other boats. He paras the dragon and hops aboard the boat for a quick loot. This is perfectly legal, and can result in some amzing loot. Nothing more confident than a bank sitter in Trammel. ;)

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