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"Get an Usedtile from a Gamepiece " submitted on 10/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Luc for submitting this bug.
Go in Bucs Den Fel(tested on DF) to the Bar directly at the moongate where at the moment Captain Blackheart from the Quest stands.There are gameboards,chess etc doubleclick one of them and take a gamepiece on your Mousecursor then run away.if youll at the Moongate back put the Gamepie´ce over youre opened Bagpack and it will fell to your feet as an USEDTILE if you let it there it will decay after a few moments but when you open youre Runebook and recall to your Home and when you have casted the recallspell take the usedtile from the earth and when you then stay Home you have it on your mousecursor.
You can lock it down if you want but if you then click it only one Time it will Decay.This Method needs more Testing but sure with some tricky ideas we can make it permanent locked down =) you can probably use this to Scam people for their money too =) have fun

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