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"Getting Unlimeted "Scroll´s Ancient Marks" " submitted on 9/ 10 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Muerte for submitting this bug.
Here we go.
1. You need a young, sure no other way to get a young quest.
2. Then play the quest till you get to the part wiht the scroll.
3. You need a bag, its easier if the bag is empty.
4. Buy some empty scrolls.
5. Go to the mage in the mines.
6. He will some shit like "Find my apprentice", you will find a dead body, just double klick to get the first scroll.
7. Now hit back to the mage, put the first scroll in the bag and drop on the ground. Then handel the mage a empty scroll. He will write you another "Scroll with ancient marks". Get the bag back, put the second in.
Do it as often you like to. or how many scrolls you may want to have.
Have Phun.
I sold some for round about 450k each ;)

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