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"Easily Bank Gold From Gauntlet! " submitted on 9/ 11 / 2005 IP:

Thanks to Milkman for submitting this bug.
Here is the easiest way to bank gold from the Gauntlet in doom without having to drag a ton of items back and forth etc.

Step 1: Loot all the Gold you can!!!

Step 2: Go to Nix and have him train you in a skill you dont Have

Step 3: When he says how much gold to give him, GIVE HIM ALL THE GOLD YOU HAVE ON YOU.

Step 4: It might cost ya 200-300 GP but it will bank all the rest of the gold into your bank automatically

Step 5: Set thus trained skill down, wash rinse repeat.

Can easily bank 500k+++ a Day in the gauntlet with this method. Tested on Origin and Chesapeke shards.

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