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"Secure Storage Vendor " submitted on 10/ 20 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Ruby for submitting this bug.
Part one: Bugging your vendor.

1. Start with a MALE vendor
2. Open his paper doll
3. Strip his clothes.
4. Put some FEMALE-ONLY armor on his paper doll.
5. Check his pack, and you will see that there is no price on the armor. Your vendor is now bugged.
7. Customize and dress your vendor any way you like. Now that it is bugged it should stay bugged no matter what, even after shard resets, until it dies or they patchfix it.
8. Use the vendor to store things, or to transfer gold and items between characters on your account.

Part Two: Can it still sell things?

In order to sell things with a bugged vendor, you must can drop the items onto the vendor itself instead of in it's pack. You can price these items for sale, and then move them around in the vendor's inventory.
Stackable items are a bit tricky. Drop each pile on the vendor, price it, and then move it to another bag inside the vendor. Do not drop it on the closed bag, move it into the open bag's graphic.
Be careful that the stackable items don't stack into one big pile, because when they combine like that they keep the old price from the original small stack.

Part Three: Bugged Vendors and the GMs

The GMs will not be able to fix the vendor yet. Just take my word on it.

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