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"Gate Glitch " submitted on 3/ 20 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Sean for submitting this bug.
Not too sure if this was published before, but here goes.
If you send a gate, say from the bottom floor of your house, then dispel the gate, and place a globe, or a box, and someone walks through the gate on the other side, the person will end up on a higher floor of your house. This would work good for all you house pk'ers, just put a little pen for your victems directly above the gate and they will be trapped inside.
Here are the steps one more time
1. Cast a gate to anywhere from inside your house.
2. Dispel the gate
3. Place a globe where the gate was.
4. Have a friend step in from where the gate was sent to.
and if all goes as planned he'll pop up on the top floor.

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