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"Dungeon Dupe " submitted on 9/18 12:28 AM IP:

Thanks to Petey for submitting this bug.
Go to ice and lure an ice elemental or some other NON magic creature to the entrance of ice (Make sure you are standing so that 1 step to the right will take you out of the cave), (If your poisioned this wont work, you will surely DIE SO NO MAGIC CREATURES!)

After luring NON Magic Using creature to entrance proceed to let it beat the [censored] out of you, The second you see your life hit 1 Or 0 depending on the speed of your connection run to the right (Heading out of the cave).

Your screen will darken and you will hear the cry of death BUT if you time exiting Correctly you will end up outside the cave with 6 or 7 life, Don't ask me why this does this, it just does.. Now heal yourself and re-enter the cave, there you will see your corpse Lying on the ground with all the goodies That you are carrying.. Kill monster And loot your corpse of all the duped goodies :c)

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