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"Walk On Water " submitted on 8/ 13 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Rob for submitting this bug.
1. Head toward the west bridge of britain and just when you hit the start of it, look for the sign on the south side bridge that says Gung Farmer's Bridge.
2.If you look South East from the sign, you should see some land which is the coast of the river, head about 2 or 3 tiles south along the coast, attempting to keep as close to the water as possible.
3.When you are at around x1399 y1758 in UOAM, cast Teleport.
4. From your position you should be able to see about half of the bridge, you will want to target a tile of water that is under the part of the bridge that has the Higher Walls. Like it goes like this ___l---l___ Target the water under a higher piece.
5. You are now teleported on the water and you can walk about 3 or 4 tiles east or west. Now when your there if you look more to the west on the bridge you see more wall that goes up high, you can also teleport on those water squares too.
6.When you are walking on these water squares, you can also MARK a rune or GATE to these spots as well.
7. You can also cast spells from the water spots which are OUT OF GUARD PROTECTION, and cast them onto land with no problem.

If a good strategy can be mapped out maybe between 2 or more players hidden, you can potentially pk people that you gate to the spot, or pk people that venture within target range on land. Also works good if you have gold atop a boat thats placed by the bridge, and have both planks open, then someone goes on the boat and you pk them from the water. Have fun. I'll try and include screenshots to make it easier.


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