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"Its Log. Its Log. Its big, its heavy, Its Wood! " submitted on 9/15 8:58 PM IP:

Thanks to Darksaber for submitting this bug.
Step 1. Make sure you are in delucia around where Tamers tame bulls.
(Actually this works on any tree - Del wood seems to give you more then any other tree though.)

Step 2. pretty simple, get maxium weight you can carry
(You can fill up on items -125- too.)

Step 3. set up uoa macro use object (axe)and target relative location
(Really don't need UOA for this, you can do it manually with normal UO though.)

Step 4. make sure wood falls to ground cause you will be over weight. Just use circle of transperncy set to (200) to see logs fall at [your]feet. Leave [the] macro running.

(The bug will give you 10 times the logs that you normally would be getting. Tested in and out of Town. Tested in the First age, the second age, Felucia, Trammel, and the 3d lands.)

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