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"GM Fishing Using UOA - public " submitted on 4/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to DigDug for submitting this bug.
Problem: You come back to find your ghost enjoying an afternoon cruise after the baddies you pulled up had you for lunch.

Item needed: Boat,UO Autopilot and UO Assist if you have it. And a fishing pole of course. Any macro program will work as long as the following can be scripted properly.

Set up a fishing macro with whatever program you are using. I use UO Assist:

Use Item (Fishing Pole)
Target Relative Target
Use Skill Peacemaking
Wait 7000

Now, using UO Autopilot set up the following:

Repeat 1500 times
Say 'Slow Forward'
Wait 500 seconds
Say 'Turn Left'
Wait 2 seconds
Say 'Slow Forward'
Wait 2 seconds
End Repeat

Since the Serpent or like will come up on the right side of the boat, by moving forward and turning while envoking peacemaking, the baddie will wonder off by the time you come back around.

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