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"Tamers Key UP for DH with xtra CUs. " submitted on 1/ 8 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to MurdocRox for submitting this bug.
The overall Result: Have The Cu Spawn Follow you, and help kill monsters in the DH Keying area of TW.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Tamerelease All the Cus. (or however many you'd like to have follow you)
2. Bring in your own Trained CU (preferablly bonded incase it dies)
3. Have your CU, attack one of the pretamed CU's.(do NOT kill it)
4. Heal your pet as required
5. As the CU you are attacking nears death, it will start to run away, At this point continutally call your pet to come to you. Once the Cu being attacked has self healed enough, it will start to come back to your CU. At this Point Mount your Cu.
6. Sit on your mount. The Cu will now follow you where ever you go. (the attacked cu is actually stuck on following your cu)
7. After mounting, you can dismount, and repeat with another CU.
8. Once you have all the CUs following you, head up to the DH Key Up Swamp. The pretamed Cus will follow your pet (you can be mounted).
9. Just have your pet stay at the enter of the swamp, and lead spawn to it. once spawn gets there invis ur pet and your self and let the pretames attack the spawn.

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