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"GREAT addon to infinate lockdowns. " submitted on 10/ 16 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Lithanual for submitting this bug.
Since now, infinate secures will get your house locked, and pretty much screw you, people are beginning to use the infinate lockdowns bug again(getting a locked down chess board in your bag, and running over a server line) - this is very slow, especially with large houses, so I devised this meathod to speed things up a LOT!

Here's what you do

lock down a bag of sending in your house.

get a bunch of items into a bag.

now, drop the bag of items onto the bag of sending, and it will pop back into your pack LOCKED DOWN. now, just recall to some other server and back, and you will have added 2x the amount of items in the locked down bag to your limit.

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