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"Res anywhere - even houses(think storage vendor) " submitted on 11/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Lithanual for submitting this bug.
I found this out getting death shrouds. Go to compassion, when you die, go to the farthest south part of the shrine island. now, when you walk one north, you will get ressed. okay, here's what you do Res, and start running up; sand vortex will kill you, but you'll instantly get the res dialog, while the screen is still fading out.

Now just wait for the black and white screen, and you are free to run around, and res anywhere you wish(I believe there is a 120 sec time limit, but this isn't proven. I've ran all the way out of the desert and still ressed with the gump)

Have a friend gate you to a vendor house, run to the ventors, and res :) now you can loot away!

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