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"Make your reg bag and regs UNLOOTABLE! " submitted on 12/ 19 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Lithanual for submitting this bug.
First, this does NOT work with usables, such as bandaids, because they are not considered on your body this only works with regs cuz you dont' have to actively use them, the server just checks for them.

Anyhow, here's what to do:

get a vendor, and BUY IT's BACKPACK! Yes, I know, very odd. It will sell it's backpack to you for free, and then it will have no pack.

Then, get your regs in a regbag, and put em in your main pack

Then, drop your regbag directly onto your vendor, and it'll say put in price + description, then will say there is no bag. Just put in some number and hit enter.

Then do the same with EACH ONE OF YOUR REGS! If you do not do this, although your main bag cannot be looted, all they have to do is open your bag, and they can take out the individual regs.

Just do the same thing will all your regs, and then only you can loot them off your corpse! :) Enjoy!

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