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"100% Chance for Powder of Fortification " submitted on 8/ 14 / 2005 IP:

Thanks to DixieWrecked for submitting this bug.
OK, this is a variation of the BOD sandal bug, but as I didn't see anything posted about it, I thought I would send in the details.

First, this will only work with the BODs that have a 20% chance of getting a Powder of Fortification and a 40% each for getting either a gargoyle pickaxe or a prospectors tool. It MAY work for the BODs that have a 90% chance at a Powder of Fortification and a 10% chance at the +5 gloves of mining, but I have not had enough BODs to test this part with. The method SHOULD be the same as outlined below.

OK, after filling the BODs that have a 20% chance of yielding a powder of fortification, take your character with less than 100 strength (I use characters with only 90 strength), put all of the filled bods into your pack, and then put enough "stuff" into hisher pack so that you are carrying 1 stone below the maximum weight you can carry without being overburdened (thus, if you can carry up to 300 stones, you want to have 299 stones worth of items in you pack). This is usually best accomplished with cloth or ingots. If you are going to get a new bod with each turn in, as i do, i also suggest having a bod book in your pack, to be explained below.

Go to the blacksmith NPC character of your choice and drop the completed BOD on him or her to receive your reward. You will either receive a powder of fortification or the message that you do not have enough room in your backpack. If you do not receive the powder, the bod will drop back into your pack where it had been; repeat dropping the bod on the NPC until you receive your powder. I have had it take 10 times or more between powders, so persistance is necessary, as it will be rewarded.

After receiving your powder, if you wish to receive a new bod, do so at this time. when the new bod is placed into your pack, it must now be put into the bod book in order for you to continue getting more powder. If you do not receive new bods, you will not need to add anything to your pack, as the powder and the bod that was turned in will each weigh one stone.

Repeat as many times as necessary to collect your powders and do with them as you wish. Enjoy!!!

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