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"Getting more scrolls out of private spawns " submitted on 12/ 3 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Tree for submitting this bug.
As most of you already know, there are 12 available powerscrolls when doing a spawn. 6 of these scrolls are distributed amongst those who did damage to the champ, and the other 6 to people who are protecting. In order to ensure that you get all 12 scrolls when doing a private spawn, you have to set up your protection properly. One person should be designated protector, and protect the entire group (of 3-6 people). The protector should NOT attack the champion. He should just healinvis people. (or kill other spawn)If the protector earns his own scroll(or scrolls), a scroll (or scrolls) will be lost out of the total 12 available. Even if you attempt to chain your protections, (which you can do) you will still lose at least 1 scroll if any protector damages the champion and earns a scroll.
Using this method of killing the champion during private spawning, you can garauntee your party of getting 12 scrolls every time, and never miss the duplicate of those +20s. (sometimes the protector gets a 15 instead of the 20 earned by the attacker)

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