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"Trap a rotting corpse and gain your archery skill unattend " submitted on 12/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to PinkyPinky for submitting this bug.
There are two rotting corpse in Humulity shrine in Ilshenar. They are the best way to gain our melee skill after 100.

I found a spot where you could trap them down a kerb and they could never walk to you (as we know monsters could pathfinding and get to us after they are trapped.) This will be the best way for your archer to gain hisher skill.

What you gotta do is, lute them from where they spawn towards NE, until you reach the kerb and teleport up to this point, 52 38N 59 7W. Only this point could trap them, move one step behind and they will come to u!

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