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"Seek and Destroy " submitted on 6/ 13 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Zues of GL for submitting this bug.
O-k. This sounds kinda odd but work with me here. Now, u all know that u cant throw snow at someone without them having snow right? Check this out. If ur fighting say in buccsden felucia. if ur apponent has snow this works like a madd-dog. Without it this is worthless. Most peeps carry atleast 1 in fel though.

1. Make a macro that throws however many snow u want to last target.(used with uoassist)

2. While you're attacking your apponent, hit ur macro key. Ull throw snow like shit while hitting them with whatever spells and weps you have. Note: this does not interupt any fighting or spellcasting you may be doing.

3. If your aponent happens to run away, NO FEAR, even if heshe hides after out of screen. Run ur macro again. lalalala the snow will be thrown even if the oposition is 3 screens away. If there hidden, just keep running ur macro. The snow will hit them while there hidden and show u where they r. Now stand about5 tiles away from em and act like you have no clue where they r, and boom, energy filed in a Cross position and blast away with bombs. For u warriors, throw bombs and attack last target. This gets em everytime. If ur throwing snow at them while there running. they'll lag badly.

Hope this works for you as well as me. If you all need any other information that i will not publish at this time. My ICQ# is 54840263. Goodluck and us ethis trick well.

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